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Umeå — European Capital of Culture 2014

Umeå has been appointed European Capital of Culture 2014. Preparations are in full swing. Umeå, the most northerly Capital of Culture ever, will treat audiences and visitors from all around Europe to a challenging and innovative year.

Human growth — Umeå's offering

Umeå's objective as European Capital of Culture is to promote human growth, strengthen the role of culture as a driving force for sustainable development of society, and reinforce cultural life´s international relations and dimensions.

Umeå 2014 goes by the motto of Curiosity and Passion — the art of co-creation. The vision of The Culturized City, the mission to Stay Cool, and the Open Source strategy form the main theme of the programme.  

Strategy: Open Source

The Open Source concept stands on two legs. One is to arouse curiosity and involve people through dialogue and cross-border encounters. The other is to further develop practical methods for co-creation. It is a strategy for involving the citizens of Umeå, the northern region and Europe, including cultural players and cultural institutions, the university, private enterprise, voluntary associations, public organisations and partner cities to create new forms of expression in the different art forms and collaborate around the major issues of our day.

Innovative and cross-border

Umeå´s intention is to encourage new forms of cultural expression, new, cross-border ways of working, and new methods for artistic dialogue and co-creation. We have already collected over 200 ideas for projects in culture and sport from our citizens, cultural workers, cultural institutions, voluntary associations, companies and authorities.  

Europe's most northerly Capital of Culture ever

Being Europe's Capital of Culture is part of Umeå's long-term development strategy up to 2050. The award will accelerate investment and growth. Culture and sport will have new opportunities for development in cooperation with the rest of Europe and the world. Umeå will be more attractive to students, people who move here, entrepreneurs, creators and investors. Young Umeå will be the most northerly capital of culture ever. Umeå 2014 will be realised in collaboration with many municipalities, cultural institutions, associations and companies in Västerbotten, Norrbotten, Västernorrland and Jämtland, and will contribute to co-operation and development throughout the northern region.

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