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Umeå Energi is a modern energy- and communication company which like to meet customers needs for secure and climate friendly products and services in a personal and caring way. Our approximately 58,000 customers are located throughout the country.   

Umeå Energi offers affordable electricity, heating, cooling, broadband and cable television. We have the fastest broadband network in Europe and produce electricity of wind power and in the two power plants.   

Umeå Energi has about 300 employees and an annual sales of 1.8 billion. We operate in five business areas: heat, electricity grid, electricity trading, UmeNet and sun, wind & water. Umeå Energi is both environment- and work environment certified (ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001) and is working to become carbon neutral in 2018.  

Cogeneration power plants at Dåva
At Dåvamyran just north of Umeå, Umeå Energi has two combined power and heating plants. The plants produce the vast majority of the heat used in Umeå and Holmsund but they also produce electricity to more than 10 000 houses.
Production is based on a mix of several kinds of fuel. The base consists of the residues, either in the form of household or commercial waste from our society or residues in the form of biofuels from the nearby forest.
Dåva 1 is Umeå Energi´s combined power and heating plant with waste as a primary fuel. Dåva 1 began operating in 2000 but is still in the international topp class with regard to energy efficiency and environmental performance. The power plant Dåva 2 started commercial operation in 2010. Umeå Energi's new facility made  a radical reduction in the proportion of oil in the fuel mix possible, enhancing both the environmental preformance and the supply security in the overall heat production. The advent of Dåva 2 made Dåva to the largest cogeneration plant based on solid fuels in northern Sweden. In Dåva 2 mainly regional biofuels are fired, such as logging residues, wood chips, bark, sawdust and peat. Every year, a thousand national and international visitors come here to take advantage of our unique expertise.

Facts Dåva 1
· Start: 2000
· Power: 65 MW (55 MW district heating + electricity 10 MW)
· Fuel: Household and commercial waste
· Combustion Capacity: 20 tons / hour (equivalent to approximately 65 MW)
· Purification rate: 99.5 percent acidifying gases. Particle-bound pollutants 99.5 percent. 

Facts Dåva 2
· Start: 2010
· Power: 105 MW (75 MW district heating + electricity 30 MW)
· Fuel: Biofuels
· Boiler type: Fluid Bed Boiler
· Boiler efficiency: 88-89 percent
· The total efficiency: 95 percent (including condensation) 

Sweden's largest solar cell plant
In April 2011 the first phase of the solar park, which is part of the project Sustainable Ålidhem in Umeå, was inaugurated. The project will create exciting synergies where the climate influence due to energy consumption in the area is reduced considerably. This will be done by weaving together large-scale energy solutions with local, smart energy efficiency. Umeå Energi design and build the plant on behalf of the municipal housing company Bostaden. The entire solar park will be completed during 2014 and will receive a surface area of 2800 square meters - the largest in Sweden, perhaps in northern Europe. The solar park is a pilot project where we will try new technology to find the optimal method to extract electricity from solar energy in the North, a relatively unexplored area today. 

Sweden's largest investment in algae as biofuel
Umeå Energi operates with UMEVA and SLU in a project where algae are grown on the roof of Dåva combined power and heating plant. The algae will reduce carbon dioxide emissions, clean the water and produce algae mass that can be converted to such biodiesel. The availability of heat, carbon dioxide and nitrogen which the algae absorb from the sewage water together with light summer nights gives a very good growing climate. Umeå Energi´s environmental manager Henrik Bristav runs the project in collaboration with the researcher Francesco Gentili from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU. 

Wind power is important
Wind power plays an important role in our investment in renewable energy. Umeå Energi has a total of 17 wind facilities in production, located in Hörnefors, Holm, Robertsfors and Håcksta. We continue to prepare for more wind power investments.

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