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Umeå the sustainable city!

Here we present a city where a number of individual initiatives work together to create a sustainable society. Umeå plan to grow from 115 000 residents today to 200 000 in the year 2050.

The future settlement and growth of the city should be inwards, i.e. we will densify and reduce urban sprawl. The planning is based on six strategies:

  • The Five-mile city, -The dense city!
  • More city! - Supplementing the vitalizing power
  • Create a high density in new districts
  • Growth in public transport routes and conversion of traffic routes
  • Invest in public spaces and parks!
  • Participation from everybody!

What we offer visitors

Right now there are a number of exciting projects that you as visitors can take part in. We begin with an hour long presentation of what is going on in Umeå before we take you on a guided bus tour around Umeå. The bus tour takes us for example to Kulturväven by the Umeåriver, MA campus with the new School of Architecture, Öbacka strand with Bothnia Line and the new travel center, and to Ålidhem - the sustainable cultural district. The bus tour can also be tailored to your wishes.