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Umeå — one of Sweden's fastest growing cities

Umeå is one of Sweden's fastest growing cities. The average age of the 114 000 people who live in Umeå is 38. They intend to increase their numbers — the goal is to pass the 200 000 figure before 2050.

The city offers world-class art, drama, films, industries, music and research. Umeå aims to attract more companies, break new construction records and, not least become the European Capital of Culture 2014.

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Umeå has been expanding for several decades. The growth really sped up in 1965, the same year that the university threw open it's doors. Obviously, there is a connection. Education provides skills, which attracts companies which, in turn, attract more people. In the last 30 years, housing in Umeå has doubled and this rate of growth continues. 700 to 800 new apartments are constructed each year.

Future research
Umeå university gives priority to and is keen to develop many different areas of research. These include life sciences (especially medical and cell and the molecular biology of plants), human technology interaction, social welfare, ecology and gender perspectives.

Umeå University works collaboratively with companies such as ABB, Volvo, Skanska, Ericsson, and Ohrlings Pricewaterhouse-Coopers. Another center for world class research is the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå. For instance, Umeå Plant Science Center, a cooperation between this university and the Umeå University, carries research into tree genes which can lead to a whole new forest industry.

Business in Umeå?
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