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Weddings and marriage − civil marriage ceremonies

Marriage is entered into either through a ceremony in a church or religious community, for example, the Church of Sweden, or through a civil marriage ceremony.

Civil marriage ceremony

The ceremony is conducted by a wedding officiant appointed by the County Administrative Board and serving Umeå Municipality. The ceremony is short. If you would like to arrange additional content, you can discuss this with the wedding officiant in advance.

In order for the marriage to be legal, two witnesses aged 18 years or over must be present during the ceremony. The couple to be married are responsible for ensuring that the witnesses are present. Witnesses must understand the ceremony, even if they are unfamiliar with the Swedish language.
Civil ceremonies are conducted free of charge in Umeå Municipality.

Ceremony room

Umeå Municipality has a special room for marriage ceremonies at the City Hall (Rådhuset). You find the City Hall at address Rådhustorget 1, at the city centre.

Find the City Hall (

Ceremonies at other venues

Couples have the option to marry at venues other than the City Hall. Couples are responsible for booking the venue and then contacting the municipal authorities to give notice of marriage. Couples are liable for any travel expenses incurred by the wedding officiant, but the ceremony itself is free.

Before arranging a civil marriage ceremony

1. Prior to booking the ceremony, apply to the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) for an investigation of impediments to marriage (hindersprövning). The necessary forms can be ordered by calling +46 (0) 771 567 567 or online from the Tax Agency's website. An investigation of impediments to marriage involves the Tax Agency checking that there are no legal obstacles to the marriage and issuing a certificate to confirm this.

The investigation of impediments to marriage, i.e. confirmation that there are no legal obstacles to the marriage, must be complete at the time of booking the ceremony. Applications are to be submitted to the Tax Agency. A certificate of investigation of impediments to marriage is valid for four months. If not used within this period, a new application must be submitted.

2. Notification of spouses' surnames is to be submitted to the Tax Agency prior to the ceremony. The necessary forms can be ordered by calling +46 (0) 771 567 567 or online from the Tax Agency's website.

3. For non-Swedish couples, or couples where one of the parties is not registered as resident in Sweden, a Swedish investigation of impediments to marriage must take place. For more information, contact the Swedish Tax Agency on +46 (0) 771 567 567 or visit the Tax Agency's website.

Foreign citizens wishing to marry in Sweden should find out which form of marriage is recognised as legal in their home country. Some countries only approve a specific form of marriage for their citizens. For more information, contact the embassy of the country in question.

Gender-neutral marriage

As of 1 May 2009, marriage is gender-neutral, i.e. couples of different sexes (a man and a woman) or of the same sex (two men or two women) can now enter into marriage. Previously, marriage between two persons of the same sex was known as a registered partnership. Couples who have already entered into a registered partnership and now want it to apply as a marriage can apply to the Swedish Tax Agency for this.


Booking of civil marriage ceremony:

Send an email to:

When making a booking, please provide the following details:
1. full names with given names indicated
2. personal identity numbers
3. address and telephone number
4. preferred date and time
5. ceremony venue, if other than the ceremony room at Umeå City Hall (Rådhuset).
6. if investigation of impediments to marriage is done.

Contact for questions:

Vanessa Holmlund
090-16 12 10
072-716 12 10

Wedding officiants

Anna-Lena Lampe
Birgitta Wallin
Carin Conradsson
Daniel Kallos
Edward Riedl
Erik Ferry
Eva Westman Modig
Gerd-Marie Alenius
Helen Bygdemark
Jenny Eklund
Jimmie Husing
Johnny Karlsson
Karin Larsson-Tängdén
Louise Söderlund
Marie-Louise Rönnmark
Margareta Rönngren
Mikael Bergström
Per Thomasson
Sara Sandström Nilsson
Sigbrit Normark
Stefan Stålnacke
Thomas Hartman
Tommy Strand
Åsa Ågren Wikström


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