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About the project

Increase knowledge about ESD

This project strives toward bringing in Swedish know-how and good experience to meet the needs of Cau Giay district in Hanoi and vice versa on a strategic level among school leaders and among teachers and students on a school level.

During this exchange program, both sides will learn how to improve the work with education for sustainable development (ESD) with focus on ecological footprints, and with an ever present approach concerning gender and democracy. The participants will also discuss the water management and the waste management system and how it works in the two cities.

The outcome will hopefully on a long term, serve the local citizens in Gau Ciay district to improve their knowledge in these questions, improve the education and consequently the environment and then increase their life standards, but in a sustainable way.

From the Swedish point of view, there is a great need to learn more about the consequences that rapid growth can lead to and also what the consequences of our own growth has contributed in, in terms of increased emissions, climate change and rising sea levels, which is a real problem today in Vietnam. This will, both in a short and long term, improve the education and also improve our abilities to take responsibility as global citizens.

Our common ambition is to revise the award “School of sustainable development” so that the method is possible to apply on Vietnamese conditions. If this effort succeeds, it will lead to a process of school improvement and education for sustainable development and that these issues are built into the school system over time.

In sum – both cities and organizations have mutual benefits by working together on ESD. Both cities and organizations need efforts to strengthen their capacity to enhance further learning for sustainable development.


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