Skolungdomar i skolmiljö

Schools and education

In Umeå knowledge matters, with two universities and Sweden’s highest share of doctoral degrees, of course education are a priority.

In Umeå, the community are committed to get students to grow with knowledge and insights from preschool to higher education. The students learning environment will mediate knowledge, safety, respect and fellowship to all. Compared to a national level, students from Umeå are preforming second to best in the country and the share of qualified teachers are high.

The cultural life in Umeå are also a natural part of the student’s everyday life. Umeå are investing more than other municipalitys in Sweden regarding children being able to find cultural activities fitting for both in school, as well as outside of the schools jurisdiction. In Umeå students can take part of different cultural expressions like newcircus, theatre, music, handicraft, movies and a lot more.

We know that physical wellbeing are a key to healthy students and a deeper learning. A part of this are in focus in the pilot project “Physical literacy on your way to school”. The project emanates from the physical literacy theory and the project aims to transform the children’s walk to school into an experience, in effort to give the children the possibility to develop lust and abilities to be more physically active on their way to school.

Elementary Schools

The schools mission is to create the right conditions for the students, to be able to learn and develop social competence, empathy and understanding. We call it learning for a sustainable development and learning for life.

Umeå got over 50 elementary schools, both municipal and independent. All of the municipal schools maintain a high quality and are driven by an engaged and qualified staff. De independent schools have different profiles and pedagogical orientations which you can read more about on their private websites.

Read more about the municipal elementary schools. External link, opens in new window.

Read more about the independent elementary schools. External link, opens in new window.

High Schools

We provide knowledge and a secure environment for the students! There are several municipal and independent high schools both inside and outside of the city center. Our schools can offer qualified teachers, special pedagogues, school nurses, school psychologists, curators, school doctors, student counselors, IT- technicians, sports centers, school libraries and everything else needed in effort to be able to provide your child with the opportunities to grow according to their conditions.

Do you want to study further after high school or choose a vocational program? Or perhaps you want to combine high-level athletics with your high school studies? In Umeå you can find programs for every pupil and dream of the future. Riksgymnasiet at Dragonskolan can offer a customized education for people with a physical disability, where the school, habilitation and dormitory are cooperating with each other.

Read more about our high-schools and find the right school for you. External link, opens in new window.

Adult education

The center for adult education is a place where you can find information about studies, professions and the labor market. They also manage guidance counselling, applications and admissions. Komvux can offer both theoretical courses and vocational programs.

You can study at elementary- or high-school level and choose between distance studies or study at a scheduled time in a classroom. At adult education you can also read Swedish for immigrants (SFI) External link, opens in new window..

Komvux vocational programs are a response towards a direct demand from the labor market and are closely driven with the working life.

Read more about the Centre for adult educations website. External link, opens in new window.

Elementary schools External link, opens in new window. – information and links to the elementary schools.

High-schools External link, opens in new window. – information and links to high-schools in the Umeå region.

Special schools External link, opens in new window. – information and links to the schools for the intellectually challenged.

Kulturskolan External link, opens in new window. – information and links to the school of culture.

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