Short information about Transport Services, a special form of public transport

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Transport Services is a special form of public transport based on the notion of collective travel. Use of the Transport Service may be awarded to anyone who, as a result of functional disabilities, has substantial difficulties in getting about independently or by using public transport. A temporary disability doesn’t qualify for use of the Transport Service. A permit for Transport Service can only be handled in the municipality where you are nationally registered.

After application

After you have applied for help from the Transport Service, you will be asked to meet a transport service officer. You may also be asked to hand over a medical certificate from a doctor to supplement your application.

Transport Service permits is usually awarded for one year at a time, although they may apply for both longer and shorter periods. If you will need to continue using the Transport Service after your permit has expired, you must submit a new application no later than four weeks before your current permit expires.

If your application is rejected, you are entitled to appeal. Your appeal must be submitted in writing and must reach Färdtjänst, Umeå kommun within three weeks of the date on which you received notice of the decision.

Contact us

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Trip for visit medical service/care

The county council is responsible for trip to, for example; health centre, hospital, dentist. You can contact them by phone 0771-25 10 20. You don’t need a permit of Transport Service for this trip.

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