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Building permit and notification of construction

When are applications for a building permit and/or notification of construction required?

You have to have a building permit for almost all construction work of any size, and a permit is also required for significant changes in the use of a building. The Community Planning Office  gives advice and information about current regulations, the appropriate design of buildings, etc. A building permit is not required for certain minor building work, and this also applies to some types of work in sparsely populated areas.

A demolition permits and a site improvement permit may also be required. You may request advance notice from the Planning and Building Committee concerning the location of new developments and rulings regarding exemption from shoreline protection rules and civil defence shelter requirements.

The Community Planning Office handles all these matters

Our service

The Community Planning Office can supply forms for building permits, notification of construction or demolition permits, or they can be ordered by telephone (See further information) from the Community Planning Office´s building permits office. We can also assist with some mapping documentation. You are welcome to contact us if you require further information, for example about detailed planning, other current regulations and guidelines, or possible historic and cultural aspects.

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