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Submitting a building application
Building applications are normally processed in two stages:

The building Permit
involving approval of the purpose for which the building is to be used, the building`s location on the site and its exterior design. External and internal access are also taken into account.

A building permit is normally required for new construction, and for extensions and certain modifications of existing buildings. A permit is normally required, for example, if you want to erect a fence or a wall, install glazing on a terrace or patio, change the colour of the building (does not apply to single-family houses), change the façade material or set up signs. Mandatory building-permit requirements may vary, depending on the location. Contact us for information about the regulations that apply in your case.

A site map is required for new construction of all single-family or apartment blocks.

Notification of construction
Involving the technical execution of the building, and inspection and supervision routines. Notification of construction is to be submitted to the Planning and Building Committee not later than three weeks before construction is due to start. Notification is normally required in writing, and there is a special form for this purpose. Notification of construction is required for new building, extensions or modifications involving load-bearing structures or changes which have a substantial impact on the internal layout. Other measures which normally call for notification include the installation or major modifications of lifts/elevators, fireplaces, chimneys, ventilation or plumbing and sewage facilities.

When submitted...
When notification of construction is submitted, the applicant/developer receives confirmation, including information concerning whether or not a consultation process is required. If consultation is called for, the developer must appoint a consultant who is responsible for quality aspects. The developer and the consultant must jointly prepare proposals for an inspection plan which is presented in the consultation process.

When the Planning and Building Committee has approved the inspection plan, building operations can start. Notification covers the technical execution of the building process. The developer must, for example, indicate how planning, construction and inspection are to be conducted in order to ensure compliance with the technical requirements of the Swedish Planning and Building Act (PBL) and the Act on Technical Requirements for Construction Works, etc. (BVL). This normally involves consultation with the developer and the quality consultant. The consultation process is directed by the Planning and Building inspectors.

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