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Cleaning and clearing pavements

Property owners in areas covered by detailed planning are responsible for keeping pavements and other pedestrian areas outside the property concerned clean and free from snow. Pavements and other pedestrian areas outside the property concerned must be maintained in a condition that does not constitute a private nuisance. This is to be achieved by cleaning, snow clearance and similar measures. In addition, the property owner must ensure that agreeable conditions, public access and acceptable traffic safety standards are maintained.

Keeping ground clear

Property owners are responsible for sweeping bare ground, removing debris and weeds, and sweeping up and removing sand. Property owners must also take any other measures required to keep pavements and other areas intended for use by pedestrians in good condition.

Winter maintenance

Property owners are responsible for the speedy removal of snow and ice which hinders pedestrian movements and to apply sand to pavements if they are slippery, or take other measures to avoid slippery conditions.

It is important that citizens respect parking bans and the date-parking system in order to facilitate snow-clearance operations. The location of garbage should also be taken into consideration to facilitate waste collection in the event of snow.

Snow and ice from properties, entrances, roofs or similar sources which are placed in a public area must be removed by property owners as soon as possible. Property owners are also responsible for sanding or removal of snow and ice if slippery conditions occur. Dumping snow or similar materials in a public place is prohibited. Property owners should dump snow on municipal snow-tips.

In the case of pavements cleared by the municipality, the municipality is responsible for the removal of snow and ice, and for sanding and the removal of sand. The municipality uses pavements which are not cleared for dumping snow. As a result, the property owner´s responsibilities do not apply once pavements are used for dumping snow. If the property owner clears sections of the pavement, the above regulations apply. When snow and ice from roofs, guttering and similar sources is removed, measures must be taken to ensure that no one suffers injury and that property is not damaged, and that there is no hindrance to or disturbance of traffic and free movement in the area concerned.

Trees and bushes

Branches extending over the property boundary may cause inconvenience for pedestrians and motorists. Property owners have certain responsibilities in this connection. Vegetation must be removed over pedestrian routes up to a height of 2.5 metres in order to ensure that pedestrians and cyclists are not hindered by branches. The corresponding height over streets and roads is 4.6 metres. Property owners are held responsible if there are mishaps due to reduced visibility, the blocking of traffic signs or damage to snow-clearance vehicles. On streets which are municipal property, the municipality is entitled to remove branches which cause an obstruction.

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