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Drinking water

Almost everyone who lives in Umeå is connected to the municipal water supply system. Vakin (a municipal company) is responsible for operation of the municipal waterworks.  The Environmental and Public Health Office  is responsible for official supervision of operations. They ensure that water supplies are checked at regular intervals in accordance with a predetermined programme and that standards for satisfactory water quality are maintained. Water supplied by the water treatment plant is not only utilized for drinking water and cooking purposes but is also used for washing dishes and clothes and for flushing toilets. The main waterworks at Forslunda supplies approximately 90% of drinking water requirements in the municipality. The water supplied by Forslunda is of very high quality. Forslunda uses a very simple process to treat ground water by removing the iron content and raising the pH rating. Chlorination is not required on a routine basis since the output has a minimal bacteriological content.

In rural and leisure-home areas, water supplies are derived from private wells or from a well shared by several properties.

Soft water in Umeå

Water supplies in Umeå are classified as "soft", which means that the minimum dosage of washing powder, dish-washing or cleansing agents is sufficient. For environmental reasons, overdosage is not recommended, since the surplus contaminates water sources.

Further information

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Environmental and Public Health Office
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