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Emergency services

In addition to fire-fighting duties, the Fire Service is responsible for preventive and damage-avoidance emergency services, risk analysis, supervision of chimney-sweeping services and coordination of municipal emergency planning operations. The Fire Service`s duties include:

  • Preventive fire protection
  • Safety operations
  • Fire-protection planning
  • Checking automatic fire alarms on a monthly basis
  • Transportation of blood supplies and human organs
  • Transportation of emergency water supplies
  • Leasing of antenna sites
  • Training and information
  • Visits for study purposes

The headings on the left of the page provide information about services offered by the Fire Service and advice about when the Service should be contacted.

Call 112 in an emergency

Use the emergency telephone number in an acute situation involving danger to life, property or the environment.
Further details on the SOS Alarm website.

Further information

Fire Service, Community Planning Office Telephone:
+46-(0)90-16 22 00,
evenings and weekends:
+46-(0)90-16 22 20


Råd från myndigheter/advice from authorities: