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Parking permits for functionally impaired persons

Parking permits provide exemption from local motor vehicle regulations for parking on public roads and streets. Parking on private roads and streets is not normally covered by these regulations. A parking permit gives the holder the right to park in specially reserved parking spaces and in locations where parking is normally prohibited. It also entitles the holder to park a vehicle for extended periods. A parking permit normally exempts the holder from parking fees.

It is important to ensure that people who apply for parking permits are treated consistently at a national level and that permits are issued in cases of genuine need. As a result, the relevant legislation must be taken into account when the medical certificate is completed. A parking permit is designed to ensure that everyone has full mobility in society. It is not a social welfare benefit.

There is an application form for a parking permit on this page. Your doctor must also complete the relevant section of this form, however.

Application form

The application form is in swedish and the name is "Ansökan Parkeringstillstånd för rörelsehindrade". You will find it under Blankettbanken, Gator och Trafik and Parkeringstillstånd rörelsehindrade.

A section of the form is intended for your doctor and can not be completed online. The application form is in Swedish. Need help completing the form? See headline to the left "additional information"

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