Startsida Umeå kommun

Umeå and neighbouring communities have a joint municipal sewage network. The largest sewage treatment plant is located at Ön, in the middle of the Umeå River watercourse. Waste water is released into the river stream after full-scale processing. The residue is pelleted and recycled in the form of fertilizer.

Private sewage treatment facilities are normally called for in rural and leisure-home areas. In the case of water closets, this calls for application for a permit issued by the Environmental and Health Protection Committee. The Committee´s Community Planning Office then assesses the potential environmental impact of the installation concerned in terms of the risk or pollution of a water source, for example. Such installations normally take the form of a 3-chamber sludge trap (cesspit) to clean waste water. Following treatment, the waste water is filtered into the ground. The Environmental and Health Protection Committee's charge for processing a permit is determined by the Municipal Council.

Further information

Environmental and Health Protection Committee (questions about private sewage treatment)
telephone:+46 (0)90-16 10 00

Vakin (questions concerning the emptying of sludge traps and sewage)
telephone:+46 (0)90-16 19 00


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