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Street bins and litter

Litter is not the greatest environmental problem, but it is one that everybody can do something about relatively easily. For example, not throwing litter in the streets is easy. The people of Umeå can feel proud of their clean city. Residents, business managers and other interested and involved parties can together create a clean and inviting city that, for inhabitants and visitors alike, generates a feeling of care and wellbeing.

The municipality is responsible for keeping public streets and places clean. Each property owner is responsible for keeping the paths and areas around the property clean. Other interested and involved parties can work on improvements such as better street litter bins, less packaging and speaking with customers/employees about the careful disposal of rubbish. You, as a resident, can make a great contribution. The first and most important thing is to put litter in street bins. Property owners must have their rubbish carried away. It is each property holder’s responsibility to remove weeds and sweep up and dispose of rubbish and sand.

Litter bin map

On the municipality’s website, there is a map showing the location of street litter bins.

Map showing location of street litter bins

Further information

Community Planning Office
Telephone +46-(0)90-16 14 61


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