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Street names and street-number signs

Property owners or site leaseholders (if the property is subject to a site leasehold) must comply with certain rules regarding signs indicating the address of the property. The municipal Executive Committee  may grant exemption from these regulations in special cases. The Community Planning Office  provides information about the names of streets, roads and public places.

Street signs
Signs indicating the names of streets and public places must always be posted at street crossings or where streets connect with streets, public roads or some other public place. This also applies if property blocks or sites adjoin a public place or street. Street signs are normally installed on buildings. If the nearest building is more than eight metres from the street boundary or a public place, the sign is mounted on a post. The sign must be made of metal or some other weather-resistant material, with a white background and black letters and numbers. Street signs attached to buildings are purchased by the property owner from the Community Planning Office at cost. The property owner must install the sign at his own expense, in accordance with the Community Planning Office`s instructions. Street signs mounted on posts are installed, maintained and paid for by the Community Planning Office.

Street-number signs
Properties with street numbers must be equipped with a special street-number sign, attached in a suitable location and at an appropriate height at the entrance to the property. The sign must be clearly visible from the street, road or public place for which the street number applies. Street-number signs must be made of a weather-resistant material, with an overall height of approximately 15 centimetres, with black numbers on an off-white background, 10 cm. high and approximately 2 cm. wide. Signs are to be installed by the property owner, who is responsible for maintenance and legibility. Street-number signs are purchased at cost price from the Community Planning Office.

Further information
Community Planning Office:+46-(0)90-16 14 61


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