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Vakin, Vatten- och avfallskompetens i norr AB, is a municipal company responsible for refuse and recycling in Umeå municipality. The Environment and Public Health administration, Umeå municipality, has responsibility over some parts concerning refuse and recycling.
Some of these are; applications for refuse composts, latrine, temporary exemption of refuse collection, use of refuse for construction, use of iron sand and transport of refuse.

Composting food waste

In Waste-plan 2020, created by Umea municipality and Vakin, the goal is to assort 50% of the total amount of catering waste.

If you sort your catering waste in a brown bin, your waste will be taken care of by Vakin. In order to make use of the energy and nutrients, Vakin transports the catering waste to Skellefteå for anaerobic digestion. The energy, in the form of bio gas, can replace gasoline and diesel. The nutrients in the digestion residue are reintroduced to forest and land where it may replace artificial fertilizers.
Should you instead choose to compost your catering waste at home on your lot/lawn you will be recycling nutrients and humus-producing materials and you will get a great soil conditioner for your garden, pots and plants.

Composting catering waste needs to be reported to the Environment and Public Health administration.  

Latrine composting

There are several different ways to take care of latrine. If you have a dry closet a good option is to get a latrine compost.

Composting latrine waste is advantageous in many ways. You will get a great fertilizer for your garden, the waste does not have to be transported long distances and you will no longer have to pay for latrine collection services. One can also co-compost latrine and household waste. All handling of latrine (refilling, composting, depletion etc.) shall be handled in such a way that no inconvenience arises for the neighbouring's health or the environment.

There are different types of latrine composts on the market but you can also build one yourself.

You apply for latrine composting at the Environment and Public Health administration. You will then receive additional information concerning construction and placement of the compost as well as how best to operate and maintain it.

Temporary exemption of refuse collection

You can receive a temporary exemption from refuse collection for permanent residency as well as second houses/weekend cottages.

Regarding second houses the exemption can last the whole period 15th  May — 15th October. The application should be submitted and received by15th of April at the latest. The criteria for exemption for the refuse collection fee for second houses are that the house should be uninhabited during the whole season. If the house is used during parts of the season the refuse collection fee has to be paid.

Regarding permanent residency the criteria states that the house will not be used during a cohesive time period of minimum eight months. The application should be in no later than one month before desired exemption. The exemption is valid for a maximum of one year after the decision date

Note! If you have received an exemption for the refuse collection fee, you do not have the right to use Vakin's recycling stations as they are funded by the fee.

The rate of processing and administration of the application is 300 SEK. This rate also applies if you have previously received an exemption from refuse collection at your permanent residency and are applying for an extension in the exemption period.


For more information and inquires you can contact:

Environment and Public Health administration
Umeå municipality  
Telephone: 090-16 10 00

Vakin, Vatten- och avfallskompetens i norr AB
Telephone: 090-16 19 00

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