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Cultural activities

Cultural activities for children and young people

Culture Centre for children and young people

The Culture Centre develops and supports cultural activities for the younger generation in Umeå, including networks for support and cooperation in this area, in-service training in relevant fields for teachers and others who come into contact with children and young people in the course of their work. The Centre also produce a small number of cultural programs for pre-schools, schools and public audiences. Operations are based on the "Hamnmagasinet" building, V. Strandgatan, in central Umeå.

Cultural education

Cultural education projects are conducted in schools and in the form of training and guidance for teaching staff involved in creative activities for children and young people.

Drama groups for children and young people

The "Teatermagasinet" drama groups for children and young people in the age range 10-19 are a major aspect of the operations conducted at "Hamnmagasinet" and in other parts of Umeå. A drama festival takes place in May every year.

Further information:+46 (0)90-16 34 84

Cultural programs for pre-schools, schools and public performances for children and family audiences

A program of drama, music and dance performances for children and family audiences is presented in the spring and autumn of each year. Performances are normally on weekdays in working hours for school audiences, and on Saturdays and Sundays for a wider public. Some performances are aimed at children from the age of three, while others are targeted at slightly older children. A special cultural program is available for pupils attending a municipal compulsory school.

Further information: +46-(0)90-16 33 22

The Idéan project

This project offers schools practical and artistic in-service training for schools in the form of lectures, seminars, conferences and educational guidance for teachers. The Idéan project is inspired by Reggio Emilia, based on an approach that gives scope for the senses, creativity, imagination and common sense. This is a joint project conducted by the municipal Cultural Administration and the Education Service.

Further information:+46 (0)90-16 34 84

More information about The Idéan project

Cultural activities for senior citizens — culture and health

The immense impact of cultural activities on health cannot be denied. We all need cultural stimuli during all life phases wherever we live in order to improve our quality of life. Modern research has provided us with proof that almost every cognitive function is involved when we play, listen to and create music. Our neural complexity is alerted when we dance. Taking a walk in nature or viewing pictures of nature can improve our directed-attention ability, which is crucial in successful cognitive and emotional functioning.

Well aware of these facts the City of Umeå started a project called “Cultural Activities for Senior Citizens - Culture and Health" in 2000. We provide, promote and develope invigorating, exciting and fun programmes for senior citizens often through cooperation between intergenerational programmes.

Visual arts

The Cultural Administration has a department for activities linked to the visual arts. The Visual Arts Department  is responsible for purchasing works of art for municipal buildings, such as day nurseries, the City Hall and other public premises. New municipal construction projects are enhanced by specially commissioned embellishments or other works of art. The Department also provides financial assistance for art studios and workshops, and participates in the Swedish International Artist Studio exchange programme under which the municipality offers foreign artists studio facilities in Umeå for three months.  In addition, the Visual Arts Department arranges summer schools and participates in a number of projects.

Further information: Lars Sahlin, telephone +46 (0)90-16 34 76

Exhibitions are held in cooperation with Norrlandsoperan at the "Vita kuben", which provides  an appropriate public setting for contemporary art.

Further information: +46-(0)90-15 43 47



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