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Preparatory training programmes and Swedish language training for immigrants and refugees

Individual programme – introduction course (IVIK)

Newly-arrived refugee youth attend a six-week introduction programme that includes both instruction in Swedish and integration work. All students are also assigned a personal coach.

IVIK is intended for upper secondary students who have a mother tongue other than Swedish and need to prepare for successful completion of a national or other individualised programme, folk high school or other education programmes/courses.

Swedish for Immigrants (SFI)

Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) is education for adult immigrants who want to gain basic knowledge of the Swedish language as well as insight into Swedish everyday, social and working life. The goal of SFI is to provide verbal and writing skills that form a good foundation for work or further study.

To be eligible to study SFI, you must have a residence permit and be registered in Umeå Municipality. The instruction if free of charge and you cannot receive a study grant for the SFI programme.

Swedish instruction for immigrants or refugees with foreign upper secondary or university education

Basic Swedish instruction is a full-time programme spanning three semesters (Basic course 1, 2 and 3). It is intended for students with a foreign upper secondary or university education who plan to apply for academic studies in Sweden. The programme is arranged by Umeå University and provides qualification in Swedish and social studies.

Medical Swedish programme

This programme is arranged by Folkuniversitetet in collaboration with Umeå University. It is a full-time programme for people with medical training in countries not covered by the Nordic Agreement or EU directives. The programme comprises two modules and is completely focused on Swedish instruction. A passing grade qualifies the student to continue educational supplementation in order to become licensed in Sweden.


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