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Pre-school and childcare

Pre-school for children

Children between the ages of one and five may attend pre-school while their parents/guardians are working, are on parental leave, or are looking for work. Family day-care homes (childminders) are also available in most of the residential areas in Umeå. They are part of the same organisation as the pre-schools and schools in Umeå. The children are then placed in small groups in the home of the childminder.

From the age of three, all children have the right to attend pre-school three hours a day, regardless of the current situation of the parents/guardians. Children with a place at a childminder are offered a transition to pre-school.

Pre-school and family day-care home application forms can be obtained from and submitted to Skolkontoret (School Administration Office). Skolkontoret will be happy to provide assistance if you need help filling in the application.

Night-time care for children aged 1-12

Children between the ages of 1 and 12 who require evening, night-time or weekend care can be given a place at Aftonstjärnan, which is located at Berghem, Skidspåret 6, Umeå. These services are available to children whose parents work during inconvenient working hours. To be entitled to placement, the need for care at inconvenient hours must average at least twice a month. Both parents have to work during inconvenient hours simultaneously.

Placement at a night-time pre-school will not be granted if one of the parents is on personal leave, sick leave or parental leave from work.

Parents have to arrange transport to and from the night-time pre-school. Schoolchildren are entitled to free transport to and from school/night-time care.

Termination of placement in pre-school and school-age childcare

Termination of placement must be submitted in writing on a special form and must be sent to the placement assistant for the area in question. The notice period is two months. Use the web service for e-identification on the right or download the form from the website and print it out. You can also call the placement assistant and request that the form be sent to you by post.

The notice period begins from the date the form has been received by the placement assistant. The fee is charged during the notice period.


090-16 28 14
090-16 10 00 (switchboard)


Application forms from the municipality's website

Please note that the forms are in Swedish.

Web service to apply for childcare placement

No login is required.
The service is in English.

Web service to apply for childcare placement and to change information about address and income

The web service requires e-identification and has help text in English.


Råd från myndigheter/advice from authorities: