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Special needs school

Children needing special support

Special needs school is for children who are assessed as unable to achieve the learning objectives of compulsory school. Special needs school supports children who have a developmental disability or who have a significant and permanent intellectual disability due to a brain injury.

Admission to a special needs school is based on an educational, medical, psychological and social investigation in consultation with the student's guardians. The investigation is comprehensive. It is analysed by an admissions team and a decision is made by the development manager responsible for the special needs school. An admission decision can be appealed to the Board of Appeal for Education.

It is the responsibility of both guardians to apply for placement in a special needs school.

Upper secondary special needs school

Upper secondary special needs school is a four-year education that offers national/special programmes or individual programmes. For more information, see the link below or contact the head teacher of the upper secondary special needs school.

Special needs adult education

Special needs adult education is for individuals over the age of 20 who have a developmental disability, autism or suffered a brain injury as an adult.


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