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Viewpoints and complaints

Viewpoints and complaints are part of quality improvement work when it comes to the school system in Umeå Municipality. Your views are important to us and open up opportunities for us to improve our operations.

To make your views known

If you have any viewpoints or complaints about our pre-school/school operations, we encourage you to take up the issue directly with the person or persons concerned. We welcome both positive and negative viewpoints on how we work with our school mission as both serve as the basis for quality improvement work.

If you have submitted a complaint but feel it has not been dealt with, contact the closest supervisor. Naturally, you can also do this if you do not want to personally contact the person or persons concerned. The closest supervisor will accept your viewpoint or complaint and within 14 days will let you know how your complaint is being handled. The closest supervisor is then responsible for monitoring the actions taken. If you do not perceive any improvement, the complaint can be escalated in the order described below:

  1. First talk to the person or persons concerned.
  2. Secondly, contact the head teacher or pre-school head.
  3. Thirdly, contact the school region manager.
  4. Finally, contact the director of education for pre-schools and compulsory schools or the director of education for upper secondary and adult education.

If you are dissatisfied with how the municipality has handled the complaint, you can make a complaint to the Swedish Schools Inspectorate. It is also possible to appeal certain decisions to the Board of Appeal for Education or the Administrative Court.

We welcome your viewpoints and/or complaints.


Contact the relevant head teacher via the municipality's switchboard.

090-16 10 00 (switchboard)


Råd från myndigheter/advice from authorities: