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Introduction of refugees

Integration is the unit within Arbetsmarknads- och integrationsavdelningen that is responsible for issues dealing with welcoming refugees. The unit as a whole is responsible for issues dealing with, guidance, introduction and the labor market in the municipality of Umeå.

The aim of Integration is to provide each arriving refugee with an introduction into the Swedish society. In cooperation with individual refugees and other involved authorities, a plan of action is established. The plan contains planning and a review of the individuals basic needs to be met in order to enter the Swedish society.

This can concern accommodation, the personal situation of the individual refugee, family circumstances, studies, possibilities to work, needs of children, rehabilitation etc. Before being enrolled into Swedish childcare, refugee children in pre-school ages get two terms of acclimatization in the municipal refugee preschool in Umeå.

Similar acclimatization is offered to children entering into compulsory schools and upper secondary school. Adult refugees study Swedish for immigrants for two to three terms in combination with practical training.

Integration as a unit also serves the refugee community as a whole with guidance concerning the Swedish society.


Carina Lindberg
Head of unit

Street address:
Sveagatan 8


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