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Support and care of elderly

Old people can apply to Social Services for assistance.

If you are living in your own home, you may be eligible for home-help services on a means-tested basis. This primarily involves assistance with personal services such as meals, dressing, or taking a shower. You may also be entitled to the provision of facilities that help you to feel more secure, such as an alarm system that enables you to call for assistance, if required. If you have a relative who looks after you, he or she can be relieved by someone who visits your home when they cannot help you. You can also apply to participate in day-centre activities which make it easier for you to continue to live in your own home, or you can apply for temporary transfer to short-time accommodation. If you need extensive care and find it difficult to continue to live in your own home, you can apply for accommodation in specially adapted facilities for the elderly - for example in a service block, sheltered accommodation or a nursing home.

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