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Support and care of the functionally impaired

The Social Services Department is responsible for helping people with physical or mental functional impairments who, as a result, have problems in their daily lives. This primarily applies to people under age of 65 who have a functional impairment which is not due to their age. If you have a functional impairment, Social Services are responsible for helping you to find accommodation adapted to your needs and to find a meaningful occupation.

Apply for assistance

You can apply to Social Services for help and assistance. If you are eligible, this assistance may take the form of an apartment adapted to your needs, including home-help/housing-support assistance or a personal assistant, or an apartment in a sheltered housing unit with staff available round the clock, when needed. Home-help or similar services involve assistance with practical matters and personal hygiene. Escort services are available, under which someone accompanies you on excursions or when you visit friends or participate in cultural activities. Backup services in the home or short-term accommodation are available if you are looked after by a relative.

Your needs

Arrangements are also made for employment or other daytime activities, and you may apply for a contact person for social contacts or companionship. The Social Services Department is assigned to ascertain what you need, as an individual, to enable you to live like other people, and also the kind of support other people can give you, in the light of how other people of your age live and whether you need temporary or long-term assistance.

Further information

Telephone: +46 (0)90-16 10 02


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