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When a child is in need of assistance

If the Social Services receive information that indicates that a child may need assistance they are responsible for investigating the child´s circumstances. An investigation of this nature starts as soon as notification is received and should be completed within four months, although it sometimes takes longer - for example if a medical opinion or a police investigation is required. If a child is involved in an investigation, the parents should be informed about when the investigation was initiated, how it is to be conducted, and the rules governing investigations of this nature.

The officer conducting the investigation must ensure that neither the parents nor anyone else in the family experiences any unnecessary problems. When required, the Social Services Department may contact experts, public authorities and private persons in order to determine whether the child needs support.

Advice and support for parents and families
When the investigation is completed, the family may be offered support of various kinds. This may be a contact-family that sometimes takes care of the child at weekends, or a contact-person whom the family can meet in the home or elsewhere.

Further information
Telephone +46 (0)90-16 10 02


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