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Vakin, Vatten- och avfallskompetens i norr AB, is a municipal company responsible for refuse and recycling in Umeå municipality. The Environment and Public Health administration, Umeå municipality, has responsibility for some parts concerning refuse and recycling. Some of these are; applications for refuse composts, latrine, temporary exemption of refuse collection, use of refuse for construction, use of iron sand and transport of refuse.

Dangerous goods / hazardous waste

One of the most important goals of waste plan 2020 is to reduce the hazard of the refuse. Therefore it is important to avoid using products that will become or cause hazardous waste. Everybody, both households and companies alike, are responsible for sorting out and taking care of hazardous waste in a correct and sufficient manner.

Usage of refuse for construction

If you intend to use refuse in construction you might be obliged to file an application to the Environment and Public Health Committee according to the Environmental code. Contact the Environment and Public Health administration for more information.

It has become more common to use iron sand from Boliden in road work, under parking lots and the like. If you are planning on using iron sand an application has to be submitted to the Environment and Public Health administration.

Transport of refuse

Special rules apply when it comes to transportation of refuse and waste. Companies who transport refuse and hazardous waste have to apply for a permit at the county administrative board. Operations who want to transport their waste themselves can do this provided they are dealing with small volumes of waste and it has to be reported to the county administrative board. For larger volumes a permit application has to be approved.


Vakin has compiled information regarding sorting for companies and organizations on their webpage.


For more information and inquires you can contact:

Environment and Public Health administration
Umeå municipality  
Telephone: 090-16 10 00

Vakin, Vatten- och avfallskompetens i norr AB
Telephone: 090-16 19 00

Information folders

Here you can find information folders on different topics.

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