Norrsken över Umeå centrum och Umeälven.

Be part of the celebration

All celebrations followed a set of criteria, helping everyone focus on something common. To be an official part of the celebration, these were to be followed. The criteria, or themes, were as follows:

  • The river landscape.
  • Looking towards the future, such as new technology, innovation and so on.
  • Circular economy and sustainability.
  • Cooperation with the civil society.
  • Democracy.
  • A greeting to the future.
  • Adding historical perspective.

All ideas for activities and events were sent to the Umeå400 project office, which then decided what to be part of the celebrations.

Marketing and financial support

Official Umeå400-events were allowed to use the Umeå400 logo and specific graphical elements.

There was also possible for non-profit organisations to apply for specific financial support connected to the Umeå400 celebrations.

Common starting points

Another set of common starting points were also important to be aware of:

  • We are always looking towards the future.
  • Umeå is a leading Swedish city of culture and sports.
  • Work on evolving networks, marketing and communication. Make use of the highlights from the European capital of culture year 2014.
  • A year of varied celebrations will give positive effects on the tourism industry.
  • Cooperation and participation with multiple parties, society, education and businesses.
  • Get engaged during the planning phase of 2021.
  • The historical perspective will be integrated in the celebratory year.
  • The river landscape will be of high priority.

In all cooperation with Umeå400, you will have to respect basic human rights (in accordance to the UN convention for human rights). This means, among other things, that everyone regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, sexual preference, religion and disability will be allowed to participate on equal terms. Participation in the Umeå400-program must be non-political.

The celebratory year in retrospect

After 2022 was over, the following reports were made. The reports are in Swedish only.

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