Umeå cityscape in the northern lights.

Umeå is a city with many faces. We want the celebratory year to reflect this as well!

Be part of the celebration

Do you want to participate in celebrating Umeå turning 400 years old? Great! Here are the details.

Let's start with the criteria. Make sure your proposition can be tied to one or several of the following themes.

  • The river landscape.
  • Looking towards the future, such as new technology, innovation and so on.
  • Circular economy and sustainability.
  • Cooperation with the civil society.
  • Democracy.
  • A greeting to the future.
  • Adding historical perspective.

These common starting points are also important to be aware of:

  • We are always looking towards the future.
  • Umeå is a leading Swedish city of culture and sports.
  • Work on evolving networks, marketing and communication. Make use of the highlights from the European capital of culture year 2014.
  • A year of varied celebrations will give positive effects on the tourism industry.
  • Cooperation and participation with multiple parties, society, education and businesses.
  • Get engaged during the planning phase of 2021.
  • The historical perspective will be integrated in the celebratory year.
  • The river landscape will be of high priority.

In all cooperation with Umeå400, you will have to respect basic human rights (in accordance to the UN convention for human rights). This means, among other things, that everyone regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, sexual preference, religion and disability will be allowed to participate on equal terms. Participation in the Umeå400-program must be non-political.

For external participants

You can collaborate in an event, a specific theme or with another party. You or your organisation will always be the one responsible for your part of the collaboration.

Do you have an idea or a suggestion, matching the criteria above, that might suit the celebrations? Please contact our office at

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