Sports and culture – the best of two worlds

Umeå is a particularly active town, both in body and mind.

One of Sweden´s most highly educated, intellectual and ideological cities is at the same time the country´s foremost sports city. And we see no conflict in these matters, our wellbeing here are most definitely the result of combining the training in both body and mind.

The energy created during gym- and yoga sessions, floorball practices and forest therapy sessions are invested in a lot of different forms of expression.

Umeå is a city of culture characterized by innovation, a culture refined by people coming from all over the world to work and live here in Umeå, contributing with new impulses and a vibrant cultural life.

Different forms of culture coexists in Umeå, where you can take part of music, dance, movies, art and theatre at one of Umeå´s many stages, or perhaps be a part of the creative process? The DIY-culture are strongly imbedded in the people of Umeå, and they know that the do it yourself mentality means that we do things together rather than by ourselves.

Do you want to know more about things to do in Umeå? This is a link filled with exciting events and activities.

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