Work in Umeå

Have you found a job in Umeå – or are you considering applying for one? Here are some useful facts about working in Umeå.

As a job seeker, it might be interesting to know that the labor market in Umeå is growing rapidly. Umeå is ranked top 3 in Sweden, when it comes to new jobs created each year.

Finding career opportunities in Umeå

Gateway Umeå will help you connect in Umeå – and to navigate job and career opportunities within your business sector. Gateway is for everyone. Regardless of whether you are a campus student taking your first steps into working life, are new to Umeå, or about to move here from across the globe.

At the organization Gateway Umeå, you will find all the information and guidance needed to open doors to new job and career opportunities in our fascinating region. But also help with connecting to the city through social events, business networks, and through recruitment agencies.

Umeå is all about its world-class quality of life, so besides exiting career openings you should expect find real work life balance.

Umeå is a future safe choice

The labor market in Umeå is diverse and regional unemployment is low. Each year approximately 600 new companies are started – new and exciting job opportunities is continuously created through established companies, employers and through start-ups.

In the past there were more jobs in the public sector in Umeå. Today, there are more job opportunities in the private sector – but as a whole the local labor market has a good balance between its business sectors.

Choosing a place with work opportunities in many different sectors is a form of insurance. With more potential employers to choose from – there is increased security for the individual. In comparison with most regions, the diversity of the labor market makes Umeå less dependent on certain business sectors for growth.

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