Living in Umeå

Are you asking yourself what it would be like to live in Umeå? People from all over the world are moving here to study at one of Umeås two leading universities. Umeå is the largest city in northern Sweden and is often described as a small scale metropolis.

The combination of high quality and diversity is a consistent theme for Umeå. Discover the sporty side of Umeå, its fine arts and culture, or experience the heartbeat of the city through its restaurants, nightlife, and alternative culture. Umeå has a young and highly educated population, and a highly diversified business sector. There are jobs and career opportunities in all business sectors. Each year there are approximately 1,000 new jobs created and 600 new companies started. In Umeå you will be able to connect to both vibrant city life and the outdoors.

Welcoming progressive ideas

Umeå has been expanding and growing in population for over 50 years. This has made the people of Umeå accustomed to welcoming new residents as well as visitors. Umeå has welcoming attitude towards new thinking and alternative perspectives.

Umeå is a safe city

Kind is a word that new residents often use to describe what Umeå feels like. They generally describe Umeå as a safe city inhabited by helpful and tolerant people. This experience can be explained by the fact that Umeå has the highest measured trust between people, is situated in the European region with the highest quality of life, and is the largest city in Sweden without what the police define as troubled suburbs.

Your future in Umeå

The steady influx of people moving to Umeå provides good conditions for solving the common challenges that all communities have, for example childcare, housing, healthcare, public transportation and social issues.

Umeå's popularity is based on the city providing its residents with good conditions to live a balanced life. There is room to follow your ambitions for education, work, career, and leisure – and the luxury of not to having to choose one for the other.

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