Image of Vasaplan, a hub for public transportation.

Vasaplan is connecting public transportation in Umeå. Photo: Fredrik Larsson

Public transportation within Umeå

Umeå is a bike friendly city. Locals frequently choose cycling as their means of transportation – even in wintertime. Taking the bus is an alternative way for sustainable travel within Umeå. Public transport by bus reaches the entire city with frequent departures, and connects to regional travel.

The municipality of Umeå has a policy to prioritize sustainable ways of traveling as an integrated part of its urban planning. The city is recurrently investing in ways to make it easier to choose sustainable ways of travel, such as bicycle, bus or on foot. Construction of new housing is prioritized in districts connected to public transport, as a part of the urban planning strategy of the city.

Cycling in Umeå

In urban parts of Umeå you will always find pedestrian walkways and cycle tracks within 200 meters. Routes that are commonly used are frequently snowploughed in wintertime as part of the municipality's work on facilitating sustainable choices in everyday life.

Public transport in Umeå

In urban parts of Umeå you will have access to a bus stop connected to public transport within 500 metres of your residence. The public transport network consists of seven bus lines connecting all urban districts in Umeå, including the nearby rural communities of Röbäck and Ersmark. The bus routes are operated by the company Ultra. On their website you will find tools for travel planning.

Map of Umeå bus lines

Map showing routes for public transport connecting the districts of Umeå. You can plan your trips via the Ultra app or website.

Commuting to Umeå by train

Umeå is the largest city in the Umeå region. It’s quite common to have your workplace in downtown Umeå and your residence outside the city, or in one of the neighbouring municipalities. Umeå-Vindeln and Umeå-Örnsköldvik are commonly used routes for commuting to Umeå by train.

Vännäs to Umeå takes approximately 15 minutes by train. If you travel from Vindeln via the same route, it takes about an hour. The Örnsköldsvik to Umeå stretch takes about an hour, with stops in several towns along the way. Out of these towns, travel time from Hörnefors to Umeå is 20 minutes and from Nordmaling approximately 30 minutes.

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