Higher vocational education in Umeå

Higher Vocational Education (HVE)

The Higher Vocational Education programs are a response towards a direct demand from the labor market and are run in collaboration with employers. Characteristic for HVE is that the companies and organisations connected to the educational programs are active in both planning and in the execution of the higher vocational education. Representatives from employer’s works together with the management groups from the educational programs. Higher vocational education will give you qualifications that are in demand at the labor market.

The municipality´s higher vocational education programs

The municipality got several HVE-programs with different orientations. All of these programs offers a fast way in to the labor market after studies.

additional education

In Umeå there is a wide range of post-secondary educational programs. Do you want to be a pastry chef or a mechanic? Work in elderly care our tourism? At the portal Studentum you will find information about all of the post-secondary educational programs in Umeå.

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