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Umeå – a Frontrunner for Climate Neutrality

The European Commission has selected Umeå as one of the cities to take the lead in climate change issues in the EU's mission for 100 climate-neutral cities. The appointment gives an extra boost to Umeå's climate work.

As many as 337 cities from all member countries applied to become part of the initiative. 13 of the applications came from Sweden. 112 cities, of which seven are Swedish, have now been selected as pioneers in the green transition for Europe's cities.

- The green transition is underway across Europe right now. But there is always a need for pioneers, who set even higher goals for themselves. These cities show us the way to a healthier future. We will support them in this! Let's start working today, says Ursula von der Leyen, President of the Commission

Improves the conditions in Umeå

The European investment strengthens and builds on the plans and measures that have already been initiated for climate change in Umeå. The major challenges have been identified and work is now underway to link investment plans to them.

For Umeå, for example, it is about more sustainable travel, circular and energy-efficient construction, less plastic in waste that goes to incineration and sustainable transport, where electrification is an important part. The work involves citizens, companies, academia and other public organizations.

Long-term commitment yields results

Among other things, Umeå will sign a European climate contract for cities. The inspiration is taken from the Climate Contract 2030 which has been developed in Sweden and which Umeå has already signed.

- This is big for us! Our long-term commitment together with the other cities in Viable Cities and Climate Contract 2030 has been a model for the European investment and now we have the confidence to be one of the 100 forerunners. I am very proud of that, says the municipal board chairman Hans Lindberg (S).

Good opportunities

For the selected cities, there are good opportunities to participate in large pilot projects and seek additional funding for climate measures. Cities also receive tailored advice and new opportunities for networking, exchange of experience and support in order to engage citizens in the transition.



75 percent of EU citizens live in cities. Globally, cities use over 65 percent of the world's energy, which accounts for more than 70 percent of greenhouse gas emissions.


100 climate-neutral cities by 2030 is one of the EU's five major missions. Missions are used to create concrete solutions and gather strength around some of the greatest challenges of our time.

The mission has an initial budget of € 360 million, but the Commission will work to provide additional funding for the initiative.

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