A outdoor consert with a large audience.

Brännbollsyran is one of the biggest festivals in Sweden. It’s one of many festivals covering different styles of music hosted in Umeå. Photo: Visit Umeå/Brännbollsyran.

Umeå is truly a city of music

Umeå is a vibrant city in northern Sweden. Known as city of culture with a rich musical heritage spanning from progressive opera to straight edge hardcore. Let’s explore why Umeå is truly a city of music:

Umeå is known for a diverse music scene, spanning genres from jazz and folk music to hardcore punk, rock, and even opera. Explore a plethora of music festivals and concerts year-round. Whether it’s a sunny summer day or a snowy winter night, Umeå pulsates with rhythm and melody.

It’s all about that jazz

Umeå Jazz Festival is an annual jazz festival held in Umeå, in October or early November. The festival comprises some 30 concerts with Swedish and international artists, mainly in genres related to modern jazz and improvisation.

Since the beginning in 1968 Umeå Jazz Festival has presented great jazz legends such as Duke Ellington, Sun Ra, Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, BB King, Sarah Vaughan, Miles Davis, - and many, many more. Not to mention all the Scandinavian and local heroes who have played at the festival over the years. The festival is, if anything, a colorful event that, since its inception, has attracted both brilliant artists from all corners of the world as well as returning and new enthusiastic listeners.


1. Random Bastards – the creative collective has reached national success with members like Swedish Grammy award winning rapper Nathalie “Cleo” Missaoui, chart-topping Fricky and celebrated producer Alexander “Academics” Juneblad.

2. Dennis Lyxzén – the 1998 record ‘The Shape of Punk to Come’ has been hailed as one of the greates rock albums of all time. Refused sill tours the world, but the productive lead singer Dennis Lyxzén has also released music and toured with INVSN, The International Noice Conspiracy, The Lost Partol and AC4, among others.

3. Tove Styrke – An acclaimed international pop sensation that has toured arenas in US and Europe with stars like Katy Perry and Lorde. Her latest album was nominated for a Swedish Grammy as Pop of the Year.

Biggest music festival in Northern Scandinavia

Music and baseball bats? Orignally a student tournament in the sport of Brännboll (a Nordic version of softball), Brännbollsyran has transformed to both a sporting event and one of Sweden’s biggest music festivals. This year marks the 50-year anniversary since the first cup was played, and each year hundreds of hopeful teams enter the competition in hope of winning the World Cup trophy. In 2024 stars like Alan Walker and Zara Larsson will enter the main stage of the festival in front of 16 000 screaming fans.

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