Two students hanging out next to a cottage by Tavelsjön.

Campus life in Umeå

Umeå offers balance between intense night life, high-quality education and experiencing the outdoors.

Meet the four seasons in Umeå, and experience the smorgasbord of culture, entertainment and the exciting nature. Most students already enjoy campus life, but if you want to uncover what's beyond, there is a lots to discover.

everything close by

Pedestrian walkways and bike lanes are a priority in the municipal planning of Umeå. The plan is to keep everything within walking distance.

But if don´t have the time to walk? The bicycle is usually described as the student´s best friend, and in one of Sweden´s foremost bike cities it is easy to understand why. The public transportation system departs frequently, and about nine out of ten Umeå residents can reach a bus line from within 500 meters from their residence.

life as a STUDENT

Take a closer look into the life of student through the reality show Hallå Campus, made by Umeå University. The show follows actual students and you can watch the two first seasons at the University´s own Youtube channel.

student friendly activities

Alumnis are often promoting the wide range and variety of activities. The night life at campus consists of a number of student pubs, most of them connected to a student union; and downtown Umeå that is full of pubs, bars and clubs.

A lot of people also like to highlight outdoor environments like parks, the Umeåriver and lake Nydala. The popular training facility IKSU is situated right next to Campus Umeå, and is one of the biggest training facilities in Europe. This is just one of many training facilities in Umeå, a city that likes to stay in shape. Umeå has been named the best sports city in Sweden three times in the last four years. And if you prefer watching from the stands, the city´s got a lot of different elite clubs in different sports.

Two students talking, while hiking close to the city.

close to the people

Umeå has about 130 000 residents living here, and more than half of them are born somewhere else. A lot of people have moved here for studies, but stayed for different reasons. Umeå has a young population, invests more in culture than other places in the country and tops the charts for trust and quality of life. A habit for welcoming newcomers has been established here.

Umeå is known by many names; the city of culture, the city of innovation, the city of festivals, the city of sports and the city of birches. Behind every name we find committed people with ideas on how to make something a little better, smarter or different.

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