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Finding a job after graduation

Would you like to meet employers and connect while studying? In Umeå there are several initiatives and meeting places who wants to make it easier for you to find a job post graduation.

The labor market in Umeå are wide-ranging and the unemployment percentage are low. Approximately 1000 new jobs are created here each year. But we know that it can be stressful to find a job as a recent graduate. You probably don’t know all the potential employers and the most exciting jobs are not necessarily shown at the Swedish Public Employment Agencys site; Platsbanken.

One way to reduce the stress can be to start meeting employers, networking, and by learning more about job opportunities within the Umeå region, while studying.


Jobbsnack (Work talk) is what it sounds like – you get to talk career opportunities with employers within the Umeå region. You will meet people with the same degree as you will have one day, and hear them share their experiences from your future line of work. The Jobbsnack programme is planned togheter with students from Umeå university.

Work Up

Learn more about the job opportunities in Västerbotten (the county). Work Up creates meet-ups between students and employers within the county.


Meet employers at the labor market fair Uniaden, held by students. Uniaden describes itself as Swedens broadest labor market expo and attracts many employers from the Umeå region, as well as other parts of the country.

Co-op (Cooperative education)

Combine your studies with working for a local business. Co-op-locations are available at certain educational programs at Umeå University and are a great opportunity to establish work-related contacts and get work experience during your studies.

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