People walking in front of a public art piece Umeå.

Beside its cultural institutions, Umeå is full of captivating public artworks that enrich its urban landscape.

Umeå: where art and culture take center stage

In Umeå, the vibrant cultural scene comes alive at the city’s various stages. From art exhibitions and theater performances to dance shows and musical events, Umeå offers a rich tapestry of cultural experiences.

The city’s vibrant music scene has truly made a mark, but so has Umeå’s contribution to literature, art, dance and many other forms of creative expression. As the city grows and transforms, new arenas are formed. The stage is set at numerous venues, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

3 X Arts and culture in Umeå

1. Norrlandsoperan – it has transformed from an individual opera ensemble into a full-fledged concert stage. This year Norrlandsoperan celebrates 50 years of opera, dance, musical theatre and performance art

2. Väven – Umeå’s culture center Kulturväven offers great restaurants, a concert stage, an art-house movie theater, the city library, the Museum of Women’s History – basically a one-stop-shop for culture.

3. Bildmuseet – The Museum of Contemporary Art lies by the Ume River and offers exhibitions from some of the world’s most exciting artists. Free admission and the perfect way to enjoy a Saturday afternoon.

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