Advice and restrictions

You and everyone else are obliged to follow advice and restrictions and contribute to prevent the spread of coronavirus/covid-19. The spread of infection continues and the advice to keep distance and limit contacts still apply. Your choice makes a difference!

  • Stay at home if you have symptoms
    If you have symptoms of covid-19, stay at home and take a test.
  • Spend time with few people
    Hang out with people you normally meet, people you live with or a few friends and relatives outside the household. Meet outdoors and always keep a distance from other people. If you are vaccinated you can meet people from a few different households indoors three weeks after the first dose. You may still carry the infection, so it is important to continue to protect people who are part of a risk group.
  • Keep distance from others, avoid crowded places
    Always keep your distance from other people, both indoors and outdoors. Avoid places such as shops, shopping malls and public transport if it is crowded. Shop alone and do not stay in stores for longer time than necessary.
  • Travel safely
    Avoid public transport if it isn't possible to buy a seat ticket. Avoid making new contacts during the trip and at the destination. Make sure you can isolate yourself at your destination and that you can can go home without infecting others if you get symptoms of covid-19.
  • Work from home
    Work from home whenever possible. If you have to go to work, adjust your working hours so that you can avoid crowds in public transport and at work.
  • Keep good hand hygiene
    Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water. Always wash your hands before meals, after using the toilet and when you have been in public places.
  • Be careful when visiting people who are 70+ or ​​belong to a risk group
    Follow advice and recommendations extra carefully when you meet elderly and people in a risk group. Follow visiting routines at homes for retired people. If you have had covid-19 recently, there is still a risk you may be infected or infect others.
  • Take part in sports, culture and leisure acitivities in a safe way
    You can take part in sports and other activities in a group in your free time. Adults can participate in occasional matches and competitions outdoors. Children and young people born in 2002 or later can participate in cups and camps, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Follow restrictions in restaurants
    A maximum of four people may sit at the same table. Table service is not allowed after 22.30. Serving of alcohol is not allowed from 22.00 to 11.00.


Vaccination is the most effective way to avoid covid-19. Vaccination can also help reduce the spread of covid-19. It is important that many people choose to get vaccine. However, vaccination is only part of the solution. We must all continue to wash our hands, stay at home in case of symptoms and keep our distance to slow down the infection even after vaccination.

  • Order of vaccination is according to The Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations and priorities.
  • Region Västerbotten is in charge and plans vaccination of priority groups.
  • Everyone who is 18 years and older will be offered vaccine.
  • The vaccine is given in two doses and is free of charge.
  • Region Västerbotten informs you when it is your turn.
  • All vaccines are effective and protect against covid-19. You can not choose which vaccine you get.
  • Respect the order of priority, only make a reservation for vaccination if you belong to a group being vaccinated right now. Your reservation can be canceled if you don't belong to a priority group.

Pandemic law

A new temporary pandemic law gives the government and authorities the opportunity to limit activities to reduce the spread of infection. This applies, for example, to public gatherings and public events, leisure and cultural activities, trading places, public transport/domestic air traffic and the use/provision of places for private gatherings. Länsstyrelsen checks that the law is complied with through supervision. Businesses that do not comply with restrictions can be fined. The temporary pandemic law applies until 30 September 2021.

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