Gender, power & politics

Publication about gender equality work in Umeå

Umeå celebrated 30 years of strategic gender equality work in 2019, and commemorated the anniversary with a publication. Gender, power & politics – thirty years of gender equality work in Umeå Municipality is now available in English.

Umeå Municipality has for a long time worked with gender equality issues in a strategic and pioneering way. The work has been carried out both through gender mainstreaming and with specific initiatives to make visible and scrutinise, rephrase problem definitions, and broaden the analysis.

A starting point for the work was when Umeå, as one of three municipalities, was selected in 1989 to participate in a government initiative on local gender equality work. When the five-year pilot project ended, gender equality work became a permanent and integrated part of the municipality's organisation, and the position of gender equality officer was created.

This publication has been published to highlight and draw attention to 30 years of work for a gender equal Umeå. The various texts alternate between historical flashbacks and tangible examples from activities. Umeå has good opportunities to be a gender equal municipality. There is a strong commitment and willingness to challenge and break power structures. Gender equality is an active choice, something that is done. We hope that this story will also inspire further work towards a society free of stereotypes, sexism and homophobia. We want to inspire new and important political decisions to continue building a gender equal society.

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